What is Homework Club?


Homework Club (HWC) at The Conative Group provides a quiet, structured, monitored place for students to do homework and to improve and practice study habits using a targeted, individual approach for increasing executive- functioning (EF) skills.

Stay on track with improving...

  • Time Management

  • Studying for optimal retention

  • Planning and organizing thinking

  • Emotion regulation (e.g., test anxiety)

  • Monitoring tasks for successful completion of assignments

  • Reading strategies to improve comprehension

​How it works...

  • HWC hours of operation are Monday-Thursday, 3:00 pm-6:30 pm (except holidays)

  • Students can attend on any or all days and hours that HWC is open

  • Each HWC student must participate in either weekly and/or biweekly group or individual therapy

  • Enrollment is in 3-month increments

  • Tutors for specific subject tutoring are welcome




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