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Becoming My Best Self
Workshop Series


June 7 - July 19, 2023 

Wednesdays @ 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Becoming My Best Self: Workshop Series is delivered in 1-hour workshop-style intensives, where you can sign up for one or multiple sessions, to accommodate busy summer schedules. This group is designed to provide middle school boys and girls with tools to gain confidence, self-awareness, effective communication and problem-solving skills, resilience, and more!

Topics Include:

  • Self-Esteem: developing self-awareness, understanding self-worth, and building self-confidence

  • Communication: learning how to effectively express thoughts and feelings, and developing listening skills

  • Friendship: building meaningful friendships, understanding how to maintain healthy friendships, and learning how to handle conflict

  • Problem-solving: developing creative solutions to everyday problems and building resilience

  • Bullying: recognizing and responding to bullying and developing empathy and understanding

  • Social Skills: developing the ability to interact with others and understanding social cues

  • Anger Management: learning how to recognize and cope with anger in a healthy way

  • Body Image: understanding and accepting one's own body and recognizing healthy body image

  • Coping With Change: learning how to adjust to new situations and building resilience

Call today to schedule a brief parent interview to get more information, and find out if this group is a good fit for your child.

*15min Zoom Pre-Admission Interview is required prior to registration.

Led by Kristine Habibi, MS, LPC-A

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