Middle School Boys Support Group


September 8, 2021 - January 26, 2022

Wednesdays @ 6:00PM - 7:00PM 

This is a Support Group for Middle School Boys getting a grip on emotions, distress, and relationships.


Our skills training curriculum is based upon DBT skills which are taught in four, four-week modules. 


  1. Core Mindfulness: teaches participants how to focus the mind, direct attention, and to observe and describe what they are feeling and thinking in the moment without judgement. These skills can help people develop a more stable sense of who they are and can help reduce reactivity to painful or upsetting thoughts and emotions.

  2. Distress Tolerance: targets impulsivity by teaching adolescents how to effectively distract and soothe themselves while considering pros and cons of their actions. These skills typically replace problem behaviors such as self-injury, striking out at others, substance use, binge eating, binge video game playing and angry outbursts.

  3. Emotion Regulation: addresses emotional sensitivity, rapid mood changes, and other unregulated moods such as boredom, irritability depression, anxiety, or anger. Learning how to identify and label emotions, how to increase positive moods, and how to make one less vulnerable to negative moods are examples of specific skills that we cover in this module.

  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness: addresses difficulties in maintaining consistent and rewarding relationships by teaching skills such as how to ask for what you want, how to say no in an effective way, and how to maintain a sense of self-respect and independence in the face of external pressure.


Led by Dr. Trent Everett