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Skill Builders: Super Me


Dates TBD (Call to Inquire)

(For Grades 1st to 2nd, entering Fall 2023)
Skill Builders: Super Me is designed to help students learn and improve social skills in a variety of settings, as well as further develop autonomy and personal identity.


Join us weekly, as we create a fun and safe space to learn and explore social skills such as setting boundaries, the power of communication, emotional regulation, team building, and social problem-solving. Super Me stands for exploring how to maintain self-care while recognizing our strengths and self-identity in a social world where possibilities are endless! This group has hands-on experience and an open style of dialogue. 

Topics Include:

  • Social Skills/Super Strengths

  • Self Identity Exploration (Self-esteem)

  • Self-care/How I have fun! (Mental, physical, and Technology Hygiene)

  • Circle of control (How to establish and respect boundaries)

  • Defining relationships/Making and Maintaining friendships

  • Understanding uncomfortable emotions (Emotion Regulation)

  • Team building/Problem-solving

Call today to schedule a brief parent interview to get more information, and find out if this group is a good fit for your child. *15min Zoom Pre-Admission Interview is required prior to registration.


Led by Katherine Esquivel, MS, LPC-A

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