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Improv Group Therapy for Anxiety Management for Young Adults Ages 18-25

Improv Group Therapy is designed to improve social skills and anxiety management for young adults, ages 18-25. Group members will learn improvisational skills to cope with anxiety in social situations, and will practice exposures in a fun way with a supportive group!


Topics Include:

  • Recognizing social cues

  • Improving joint attention

  • Coping with anxiety and shyness

  • Public speaking

  • Skills to make friends

  • Speaking with confidence

  • Thinking and speaking without holding back
    ...and more!


Each session will be held in person. Sessions will include on-site improv as well as “improv on the street” to practice using skills in real life situations.

Led by Dr. Melissa Fasteau


Fridays @ 9:00AM - 11:00AM

July 2 to Aug 13, 2021

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