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Together Growing Through Grief


September 27 - December 13, 2022

Tuesdays @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

In this shared group, we will create a safe, supportive environment to be with and work through the suffering and struggles that comes with loss. Come find the support you need to deal effectively with overwhelming emotions and strengthen and develop internal resources to handle the changes that come with loss.


Here you can explore your grief and its impact on your life now. We look to help you to understand your experience of your loss and to get a sense of your unique struggle and suffering.


The goals of this support group are to help you come to understand the impact of your loss with deeper understanding, insight, and practices. Let the group experience help you to grow stronger through your grieving process. Right now, we are inviting you to come join us and be a part of this journey.

*A 15min Zoom Pre-Admission interview is required prior to registration.

Led by Toby D. Howell, LCSW and Tami Sheena, LPC-A

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