Post Pandemic: Navigating the New Normal
(For Parents of Middle-School & High-School Children)
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As families are slowly removing their masks and leaving the safety of home and lockdown, they are discovering life is not business as usual. Anxiety and skittishness are lurking everywhere. For some, it is a subtle shift, but for many, it feels dangerous and surreal. Definitely, it is a new normal.


As some parents and children continue working from home, others are returning to work and in-person learning. Our screens, phones and masks, that have been necessary mainstays for socializing, working and school are going away. Surprisingly, letting go of these protections and the degree of separation that kept most of us safe, presents new challenges.


As we all struggle with vulnerability from the aftermath of COVID-19, I invite you to join this therapeutic support group to contemplate and grapple with the new normal.

Led by Patricia Hamilton

*Patricia Hamilton is licensed in Texas and California. Only residents of these states are eligible for participation in this group.