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Living With Your Adult Children:
Dilemmas, Aspirations & Setting Goals For The Future
Level 1 - Assessing What Is Right For Your Family


TBD, please call to inquire.

Adult children living at home with their parents has become a new normal across the country. Young adults have become more anxious, the world is more expensive, and the pandemic created numerous obstacles. Sometimes families need to learn ways to help young adults gain skills and confidence for moving out. At other times, a long-term multi-generational household is right for a family, if there is already a strong parent-child relationship in place. The group will allow parents to think through what is right for their family. 

Together, we will explore how to figure out what is best for individual situations and start making plans, setting boundaries, and having conversations with all family members about expectations.

Topics Include:

  • Family Dynamics

  • Personal Responsibility/House rules/Finances

  • Co-dependency and enabling

  • Independence, Agency, self-esteem, launch

  • and more!

Required reading: A list will be provided at registration.

Level 2 will be provided via In-Person Group Therapy.

Led by Patricia Hamilton, LMFT

*Patricia Hamilton is licensed in Texas and California. Only residents of these states are eligible for participation in this group.

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