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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often identified as “bad behavior” or "not caring," but it is actually a neurobiological condition which impacts appropriate functioning in daily activities for about 5% of the population. Symptoms vary from person and to person and can include differences in hyperactivity, impulsivity and the ability to pay attention. A nickname for just inattentive symptoms is ADD. Some individuals with ADHD, particularly children, have extreme difficulty controlling their behavior. Others don’t have behavioral issues but regularly zone out and then miss important information.


Many individuals with ADHD have considerable difficulty managing belongings and staying organized. For school age children this can impact foundational learning including reading and math. Many persons with ADHD also have high anxiety. Sometimes ADHD symptoms minimize or completely go away as a person enters adulthood, other times they don’t. Regardless of age, when these symptoms get in the way of successfully participating in daily activities then it’s time to do something about it. At the Conative Group, we provide testing to identify ADHD, individual therapy that includes executive function coaching, group therapy, and FocusWeek.

Executive Functions

ADHD is a disorder which impacts the relay station of the brain, involving abilities collectively referred to as the executive functions. Some or all of the executive functions are impaired in individuals with ADHD. At the Conative Group, we offer services specific to executive function improvement.

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The executive functions regulate our ability to:

  1. Inhibit inappropriate behavior

  2. Shift from task to task

  3. Control emotions

  4. Initiate new tasks

  5. Effectively use working memory

  6. Self-motivate

  7. Plan and organize

  8. Manage time

  9. Organize belongings

  10. Pay attention

Parenting Children with ADHD

Individual parent education sessions are available by appointment.  Sometimes just one visit is all that is needed. Other times a multi-visit plan in most helpful.  Parenting Groups specific to issues relating to ADHD are regularly offered at The Conative Group. If you need more tools in your parenting toolkit, the experienced clinicians at The Conative Group can help. An initial evaluation will determine what types of services are best. 

Adults with ADHD

Adults with ADHD face different issues than children. Keeping up with home and work responsibilities often can be problematic. Chaotic habits and disorganized environments can cause difficulty in all aspects of life. Partners without ADHD are often overwhelmed and frustrated when their ADHD mate isn't able to change simple habits. Parents with ADHD often have children with ADHD and entire family systems can be out of control. If you wonder whether you have ADHD, or you already know and want to do something about it, we can help. Why not start your journey toward peace and success today.

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Giftedness and ADHD

While persons with ADHD often have difficulty with day to day functioning, they also often have foundational differences which contribute to extraordinary creativity, problem solving and relational skills. Dr. Kimberly Harrison has focused much of her work on helping individuals discover how to use their giftedness to improve some of the deficits, increase self-esteem, and find personal success. Dr. Harrison provides individual therapy and testing for ADHD which explore giftedness, and is also a highly regarded speaker on the topic. The entire team of clinicians at The Conative Group use therapeutic techniques which incorporate natural abilities and strengths to minimize the effects of problems.

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