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The adulting program at The Conative Group, focuses on helping young adults who are having difficulty moving forward in life. Dr. Harrison is a pioneer in the field of Adulting, especially for those with Asperger’s-type autism or ADHD. The Adulting Program was initially designed to serve the needs of these individuals and their families. Since its inception, however, many young adults who struggle with other issues have benefitted from the structure and support of our Adulting program, too.

Young adults who have trouble becoming active with either school or work often have fallen into a series of bad habits which keep them stuck. Parents can become frustrated and confused about what to do, especially when nothing they do or say seems to motivate their young adult.


At The Conative Group, we know that learning and using necessary core habits for adulthood often requires a systematic plan of action. Our program provides a structured series of steps including a daily “check-in” feature, executive function coaching, individual, group and family therapy, parent consultation, and regular objective assessment to assist young adults successfully transition to adulthood.

Click here to download PDF flyer.

The Adulting Program includes these steps:


  1. Assess where the young adult is developmentally

  2.  Customize a structured plan to assist the young adult develop personal habits and skills to move forward in life which can include a combination of Individual and/or Group Therapy

  3.  Daily accountability

  4.  Social activities

  5.  Vocational and educational planning and support

  6.  Parent Education

  7.  Collaborative Family Sessions

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