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ASD (Asperger's-type)

Persons with high functioning autism (sometimes called Asperger's or ASD) can go through life undiagnosed because they are often extremely bright and verbal.  But, deficits in the ability to communicate in social situations, ADHD, sensory sensitivities, and problems regulating emotions (often extreme anxiety) can get in the way. A myth about persons with autism is that they don't want friends - this is not true. Persons with ASD desire social relationships but often don't know how to navigate them.

If you or your child has ASD, or you would like to find out, you are encouraged to schedule an initial appointment with one of our clinicians who work extensively with these issues to determine appropriate services, such as:

Parenting Children with ASD

Autism is a developmental disorder, which means that symptoms and features change throughout the lifespan. Children and teenagers with Asperger-type ASD face special challenges, which means their parents do, too. Changes in ability to socialize, delays in acquiring age-appropriate life skills, and intense emotional reactions can occur at each developmental stage and often catch parents off-guard.

Specific transition times which can present challenges include:

  • Elementary to Middle School

  • Middle School to High School

  • High School to College 

  • Workplace


Creating a plan which helps families anticipate and navigate challenges throughout each stage of development is critical for success. Help is available at The Conative Group through individual parenting sessions and parent groups.

Adults with ASD

​Adults with ASD also face special challenges. Understanding the nuances of workplace communication, dating, and navigating long-term relationships can all be difficult. Many of the clinicians at The Conative Group provide services that can help, including individual therapy, couples counseling, and group therapy


Couples with ASD

​Couples that include a partner on the Autism Spectrum often experience a mismatch of expectations, lifestyle, and needs which can create misunderstanding, conflict, and unhappiness for both partners. Many of the clinicians at The Conative Group can provide support, information, education, interventions and hope for a more satisfying relationship. Some of the services offered for couples include group therapy and couples counseling.

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