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Our dedicated Assessment Team is available for assessments for you, your child, and family. Please contact us for details.
Psychological testing can help  get to the bottom of issues that are causing difficulty for children, teenagers, and adults. A variety of assessment services are offered, including some of these:
Learning Difficulties

When a child or teenager has difficulty learning, it impacts many parts of their lives, including self-esteem and emotional responses. Psycho-educational testing is designed to get to the bottom of learning problems. Testing provided by Dr. Harrison can identify causes of school problems, and then provides  recommendations for remediation and academic improvement.

Personality & Behavior

Sometimes people behave in ways that cause problems for themselves or those around them. Personality and behavior assessment can discover root causes of unwanted behavior in children, teenagers, and/or adults.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Persons with  ASD can go undiagnosed for years because they are often extremely bright and verbal. Testing is designed to evaluate whether the person meets criteria for a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and provides individualized recommendations for treatment. Dr. Harrison is certified in the ADOS, which is the gold-standard of autism assessment tools. 


ADHD is a neurobiological condition that impacts an individual's ability to pay attention, concentrate, regulate emotions, and more. Testing can help determine if ADHD is present and identify the specific type of ADHD (inattentive, hyperactive, or combined), as well as help determine the most effective treatment. 

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