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Women with ASD
Young woman on a virtual video Zoom call group therapy session in her home office.


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Women have been helping other women since the beginning of time. Sisterhood. We share a bond as females, mothers, sisters, and grandmothers. Women with ASD have an even greater need to bond with their ASD sisters.


Who better to understand the unique challenges found in everyday life, work, and relationships? Women with ASD learning, growing, sharing, and supporting each other. Group therapy provides a safe, comfortable, stress-free opportunity for like minded women to share their thoughts, fears, struggles, and experiences. Together we will explore coping mechanisms that lower stress and anxiety, social skills to ease and improve communication, and self-advocacy, an imperative for achieving quality of life and personal satisfaction.

Led by Patricia R. Hamilton

*Patricia Hamilton is licensed in Texas and California. Only residents of these states are eligible for participation in this group.

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